Plastique is a bespoke typeface, designed for ︎︎︎ SAINT OF ATHENS ︎︎︎ Plastique is Extra Bold ¶ Plastique is Ultra Expanded ¶ Plastique’s nature is contemporary, attractive, technical and functional at the same time – true to the principles of modernism ¶ Plastique serves ideally the dynamic presence of content.

︎ It is both serious and playful ¶ Welcoming and austere ¶ Informal and corporate ¶ It also supports both Latin and Greek ¶ As far as letter forms are concerned, Plastique has futuristic, geometric and grotesk features, all at once.

While inktraps are normally used to cure ink blobs on small sizes they can also affect the charecter of a typeface on display sizes ¶ Plastique has emphatic inktraps ¶ Plastique has extra character!

︎︎︎ Plastique could even get stretched! It doesn’t look that bad, does it?

︎ Plastique also has an oblique version, slanted at 12°.

︎ Either in large, or in small sizes Plastique works great.—

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