︎Lelekium︎ is a font designed by the participants of an educational workshop* for children at Onassis Cultural Centre. Each child took a few letters of the alphabet from a grab bag and wrote them in it’s own individual style, with a black marker.

︎ The letters were written by: Anastasia, Kyriaki, Sofia, Marinos, Lila, George, Ariadne, Margarita, Ageliki, Eleni, Stella, Odysseas, Dominiki and Anna-Louisa

The letters were then transformed into a typeface that was used for the publication of the children’s stories in a small book.

* The workshop was coducted collectively ︎ with 
︎Georgia Kagia

︎Marietta Kallona
︎Manolis Angelakis
︎Kostas Theoharis
︎Kostis Sotirakos

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