︎︎︎ Lefka︎︎︎ is an upper case display typeface with calligraphy flair and epigraphy attribute, in three weights: light, regular and bold ︎ The first version of Lefka was created by Manolis Angelakis. The design was based on the lettering style found on an old greek sign, from the book Greek Shop Signs (edited by Yorgos Vakirtzis).

︎ Vassilis followed Manolis’ design and added a Latin set and numbers.

︎ Later, he tried to rationalize it, by discarding the extravagant forms of the rounded parts of the letters, such as those pictured on the left.   

The fonts support greek and extended latin character sets and they come with a few ornaments, too ︎

The initial use of the Lefka typefaces was this ︎ Informative, directional, imperative and somehow ironic, a limited ︎ set of stickers ︎ arranged on a 35x50 cm poster. The fonts are given away for free, with the purchase of the  stickers ︎︎︎ here ︎︎︎

︎︎︎ Acknowledgements ︎︎︎ Lefka was baptized by Chris Angelakis ¶ Special thanks to the Sign Painting Support Group and John Downer for the input during the design process ¶ Special thanks to Irene Vlachou for the valuable help ¶ Special thanks to George Triantafylakos for his comments. Check out Lefka’s stickers poster distant cousin, atypical foundry’s ︎ Old Greek Signs poster ︎ 

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