︎Geranium︎ is a typeface created after a call by designers ︎Katerina Antonaki︎ and ︎Natassa Pappa︎ to participate on Geranium Files, a design research project, investigating new approaches at multilingual neighbourhoods of today’s cities. ¶ With this project they research and question ︎

how communication could be facilitated, from the graphic design perspective, and bring into public dialogue issues related to multilingual neighbourhoods and different cultures that co-exist in the contemporary public space.

︎The font in use on event posters.  Designed by Katerina Antonaki and Natassa Pappa 

︎ The design concept is based on and inspired by various signs found on the Gerani district, located in the centre of Athens.  ¶ The main goal is to infuse elements of the various “exotic” alphabets found on the signs of the local stores into the letter forms, along with elements of the immigrants’ way of interpreting the forms of the Greek and the Latin alphabets.

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