Error is good. It is a unique opportunity to change perspective and see something different from what you know so far ︎Error is Superior to Art︎ is an ongoing print project that attempts to redirect the public’s view and awareness to the value of printing errors and the magnificence intrinsic in them. ¶ In this instance a distorted version of the motto is applied on top of few prints of ︎The Constitution of Moiré︎ project by ︎Tind. The layers blend uniquely creating even more random beauty.

︎ Within the printing business, the moiré effect is mostly considered to be an unwanted effect. This is true, but only regarding the way it is created and used. In some applications, it can be extremely interesting, from an aesthetic point of view. In this study by ︎Tind︎ the manual experimentation on the rotation and placement of the line art and the variation of color produce a feast for the eyes, lively patterns that move and alter as the viewer changes position across them.

︎ A 70 x100 cm silkscreen print. Every piece is unique. You can see all versions ︎here︎

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